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NTA-training in France 14-17/6


Callian, Provence
50 minutes from Nice Airport to the West

  • The model is about 16 different ways of being normal and good. The model may be applied to self-awareness, personal development, coaching, leading people, teamwork, working together with different types of people in different situations, understanding "difficult" people, how to deal with stress and more.

  • The training will go through the basics of the theory (or the deeper intricacies if you are accomplished in the area), we will make sure we adjust the content to the individuals that are present.

  • Innotiimi has developed a web-based tool for doing the analysis, Natural Tendencies Aanalysis, NTA

  • This training qualifies you to use the NTA if you wish (and if you pass the test) 

  • Deep expertise for all from the, from the beginner to the very experienced NTA practioner.

    3 trainers: Hannamari Koivuniemi , Johanna Gustafsson and Tommi Gustafsson, all with extensive experience in training and applying Psychological Type. If there is a heterogeneous group we may split it into three groups according to experience in the theme and needs.

    –Language English

For more information:
Hannamari Koivuniemi, +46(0)70-218 24 64



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