Jeanette Nilsson | 03.11.2008 | Show comments 0
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Innotiimi®OPERA -a part of a study on e-meetings systems.

J S Möte

Four different E-meeting systems were evaluated in correlation with the meeting method Innotiimi®OPERA.

The target groups for the study are mainly Swedish Universities, Companies and Organizations where E-meetings are frequently used. Could also be interesting for organizations and companies who want to improve their environmental branding by limiting travels and instead use E-meetings.

The study could also inspire those who already work with E-meetings to further improve their virtual systems.

For more information contact:
Jeanette Nilsson, Innotiimi, +46 707 585 054
Ingrid Lysell Smålänning, Innotiimi + 46 706 360 196
Mats Brenner, Univeristy of Gävle, +46 703 500 233



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