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It is all about the attitude

GrazMy own attitude matters… We are not always prepared for what is happening to us, but we can always choose how we think about it.

Lately I have been reminded about this when reading books in self development and also reading colleague Juhana Lampinens blog ( where he writes about an episode that happened to Richard Branson. In that blog he writes that most of the time the world is not as we would like it to be... But we can always choose how we meet the world. Easy to understand in theory, but what about in practise? Usually I see myself as a positive person and think that I anyhow try to see things in a positive way.

For some time ago when travelling to Austria I got this confirmed. Actually it all started already a week earlier when I was helping one of our children with her English homework. I was not at home but standing in a shop at Helsinki airport and solving what seemed to be an emergency situation at home. Please say after me…, Can you repeat this…, What does this word mean…?

Some people were smiling understandingly and some avoided me a bit when standing there for almost half an hour. I was calm, relaxed and focused on helping our daughter. Reflecting on this incident I realise that I meet even unexpected things in a quite relaxed way. At the same time acknowledging that it should not really be unexpected to have to help your kid with homework - wherever you are. Wishing to get a new chance to prove it…

So back to my trip to Austria… I flew to Vienna first and was heading on to Graz - thinking of how beautiful Graz is and wishing that I'd had a possibility to see a bit more of it…

I met my colleague from Romania on the same flight and asked if he was staying at the same hotel. No, he wasn't, all hotels were fully booked due to a big conference coinciding with my stay. I thought I was lucky since I had a hotel reservation through a travel agency. My hotel was almost next to our Graz office, so that was perfect.

At the hotel I realised pretty soon that they didn't have any room for me. Not booked in some other name either, not the hotel next to this one, with quite similar name, no room at all. It turned out after a bit of investigation that it was the right hotel, but my reservation was for June next year. How that could happen, I don't know.

The man in the reception kindly helped me to check availability in other hotels, in fact in many of them. Every time shaking his head and telling me that unfortunately they were fully booked everywhere. HA! Here was my chance to reflect my reaction. It was actually OK. I was calm, relaxed and soon amused about what kind of solutions I could find.

Finally the man in the reception found a room for me, there was one cancellation and yes it was in Graz :). The hotel was located a bit outside and I got a good possibility to see more of this beautiful city. On my way to the hotel, there was one more wish - I have had in my mind to have a walk to the Slossberg, a beautiful place on a hill next to the hotel where I was supposed to stay - I'd really like to climb that hill. Finally getting to the new hotel, I realised that it was located on a hill, I stayed on the 3rd floor without any elevator. So I got my climbing too…

It was all about the attitude and my wishes were fulfilled quicker than I imagined.

And by the way, before travelling I was thinking that I really wanted to find something to write about ….


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