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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013!


Give a life - Get a life
Vaccinations for African Chlldren

Innotiimi´s Christmas present is to buy vaccinations for African children. Innotiimi wants to support a project where the target is to get tetanus vaccinations for all African children. We will vaccinate 22 000 children with our donation.

About 20 million euro is needed for the whole project. Finnish people and companies could do that if we feel it is important enough. The money needed is the same amount that we spend on fireworks every New Year. There will also be a challenge to our dear neighbors, the Swedes. They could take care for example of the Measles vaccination and then forward the challenge to Norway for their chosen way to help.

The name of the project is Give a life - Get a life. All practicalities will be organised by Unicef.

Join and send this challenge forward. The account number is FI15 1529 3000 0000 87 /Unicef , add to the message field the project name, Give a life - get a life.


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