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Monday 11th of March, 2013. Special workshop with Dr. Peter Koen: Front End and Breakthrough Innovations

Peter Koen8:30 Coffee
9:00 Start of the day

  • Front End of Innovation - What are the key organizational practices?
  • Benchmarking your own company's practices agains top quartile companies!
  • Breakthroughs and New Business Models

12:45 Lunch

  • Breakthroughs and New Business Models - Strengths and weaknesses in my own organization?
  • Back-Bay Simulation - How to simultaneously manage incremental and breakthrough products?
  • Debrief of Back-Bay Simulation
  • Innovating concrete organization specific development activities

17:00 End of the day

This one day workshop will:

  • Explain the Top Quartile Practices in the front end.
  • Provide attendees with a benchmarking tool so that they can compare their companies performance against the top quartile companies.
  • Explain why new breakthroughs and new business models are so difficult to achieve.

Starting point:

The Front End of Innovation is widely regarded as the greatest opportunity to improve innovation and enhance sustainable growth. Many companies have dramatically improved development cycle time and efficiency by implementing a formal Stage Gate™ process. In contrast, few companies have an effective Front End, which continuously feeds the product development process with new, highly profitable concepts which lead to new breakthrough opportunities.


  • Participants will be provided with a one page survey tool which they can use to compare their companies practices against top quartile companies.
  • The workshop also includes a simulation so that attendees may learn and demonstrate their abilities to balance incremental and breakthrough projects. Attendees should bring their laptops to the workshop as the simulation will be run wirelessly.
  • In addition attendees should read a short case which describes the simulation prior to the workshop. The case will be provided to all registered attendees.


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