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Update your facilitation skills and learn the methods OPERA and GroupExpo

groupexpo & opera

Are you tiered of being part of meetings that don't give you something?

If your answer is yes, it's time to reform the structures of your meetings. OPERA is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of meetings. The method regards human diversity as a beautiful resource, and all participants' views are taken into account. Negative criticism isn't worth your time and the focus is always on the essentials that will bring you together and forward as a community.

What gives birth to good plans and profound commitment in bigger groups?

With help of GroupExpo you can effectively work with several questions parallel in groups of 6-200 people. Knowledge, experience and skills can become accessible and channeled in to goal- and vision reaching power through good tools and deep understanding of questions.

GroupExpo is based on the concept of "learning by doing" and specializes in empowering all participants and reaching the valuable inputs from ALL. This saves the group from time- and energy consumeing presentations as the implementation plan is part of the process.

KaosPilots - School for changemakers HQ
Wylerringstrasse 36, Bern

Monday 19th May to wednesday 21st May - 2014

KaosPilot, Viktor Lysell Smålänning / 079 - 50 500 76

Prise incl. method books:
OPERA-Method 19th - 20th May: 1350 chf
GroupExpo 21st May: 990 chf
OPERA & GroupExpo 19th - 21st May: 1990 chf

Training language is English.


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