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Innotiimi-ICG runs the Innovation Boot Camp for top level Public Sector Leaders from Estonia and Finland

Innotiimi-ICG is currently running a unique innovation program for public sector top executives of Estonia and Finland. The overall goal of the program is to develop the innovation capability on individual, organizational and country levels.

The Innovation Boot Camp is a one-year development program including a series of training workshops in Finland, Estonia and other countries. In addition, the program consists of coaching support, site visits, speakers from the private and public sectors and dedicated development projects. The program focuses on increasing capability of leaders to utilize creativity and foster innovations, supporting leaders in creating an organizational culture favorable for innovations, enhancing implementation capacity to avoid the "implementation dump", fostering abilities to solve wicked problems in society and increasing strategic agility to initiate desired changes. The participants are from amongst the highest government officials and city officials of the two countries (e.g. Secretary Generals, Director Generals or Mayors), 24 altogether.

The starting point for the program was an agreement between both Governments to work together on developing their public governance. Similarities in the core challenges (e.g. slow economic growth, high unemployment, an aging population, high volatility and uncertainty) that top executives are facing in Estonia and Finland and the expectations that they have to meet, make it fruitful to work together to maximize the limited resources and to accelerate innovation in public services. Innotiimi-ICG won, together its collaboration partners from USA, India and Estonia, the global public tender, which was opened for leading consulting companies and universities around the world.

Some examples of the workshop inputs can be seen from the pictures below.

Rasmus Rask 

Rasmus Rask, successful Estonian entrepreneur, sharing his innovation insights in Workshop 1 in Tallinn.

Olli-Pekka Heinonen 

Olli-Pekka Heinonen, State Secretary of Finland, giving a presentation in Workshop 2 in Helsinki.

Devi Shetty 

Dr. Devi Shetty sharing examples of innovation in the health care sector in India in Workshop 3.

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